Bette Midler Plays the Hero in Tim on Broadway and a New Metaphysical Fantasy #amwriting (@BetteMidler)

It’s Carolyn again. You know, the singer from Tim on Broadway.

Yes, I’m still taking over Rick’s blog. As you know Rick Bettencourt is penning the beginnings of my story in his work in progress Carolyn’s Turn—aptly named.

Here’s the 30-second-elevator speech for it that Rick has been working on:

Carolyn’s Turn is about a singer and actress facing her past while making an occult movie filmed on location in New England. She bonds with a cast of characters including two wannabe-witches from Salem, Massachusetts and an old lady who runs an inn on Summerwind Island, off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine. Genre fiction: metaphysical, coming of age, fantasy.

The other day, in writing a scene for me from the early eighties, Rick found some of his Midler memorabilia, which mirrored that of my own: An old scrapbook filled with promotional material of Bette Midler from her movie The Rose, pictures from Bette’s concerts, and clippings about the Divine Miss M’s first book A View from a Broad.

Bette Midler Official Fan Club Card
Best of Bette – The Official Bette Midler Fan Club

As an award-winning singer and actress and frequent guest on America’s Got Divas, I am proud to say Bette Midler was my idol and mentor growing up. In fact, she still is. We’ve since become good friends. You may remember the scene in Tim on Broadway where Bette Midler helps me out during my comeback concert held in Bar Harbor, Maine.

My favorite movie was and still is The Rose. Rick says that there are many parallels and references to it in his new book. For instance, I too had a mean manager, Rudy Galante; and throughout the story, I struggle with whether or not to leave show business.

Performing has always been a love-hate relationship for me.  There are reasons for it, but I don’t want to give too much away.

OK, I’ve got to run. I’m watching the movie Beaches right now and I’m starting to get verklempt.


Carolyn Sohier

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