Sometimes It’s Worth Giving Your All & Falling in Love So Hard It Hurts #ASMSG

Preorder today Dan Sexton’s Wresting with Love today.


Sometimes you have to give it your all and let yourself fall in love so hard it hurts.

When college wrestlers Quintin Flynn and Eric Palak first meet, love seems impossible. Hatred masks an attraction so strong it hurts their team’s chances of competing in the regionals.

Dylan—Quin’s bicurious roommate—brings them together in an illicit encounter that lowers the mask the two hide behind and romance blooms.

All in love is fair until their secrets are revealed and they have to fight to keep their love alive.

Fans of Sexton’s LGBT erotic bestseller The Handyman Can will enjoy a return of Jake and Cory in this HEA stand-alone novel.

Available now for November 13, 2015. Reserve your copy by clicking here.

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