America’s Next Top Title…And Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Get In-the-Know and You Could Win a $25 Gift Card

You helped me pick the cover for my last book, now I need your help in naming my next book.

But before we do that…

The new book is coming out very soon. However, only those that are in-the-know will find out first and have a chance to win a free copy. Plus, those select few that sign up now for my updates will be eligible to win a $25 gift card just for becoming a fan.

So how do you get in-the-know?

Sign up for my periodic email updates by clicking here and I’ll add you to the list.  The first twenty-five twenty entries will be automatically entered to win a $25 gift certificate.

So, let’s trade! Give me your email address and I’ll keep you up to date on the release of my Work in Progress (to be named soon) and other tidbits that I only share with those in-the-know. So sign up now before the next twenty-five twenty spots are taken.

Next on the agenda…

Pick the Title for Rick’s New Book

I need your help in picking America’s Next Top Title.  Eat your heart out Tyra Banks! Rick Bettencourt’s got a posse that’s gonna CoverGirl your ass!

Check out the hunk on this cover! Maybe Tyra will grab him for ANTM after all.

While we did a smaller version of this poll a couple weeks back, during a rewrite I came up with a few new ideas. I want to run them by you.

Which title do you prefer? I’m purposely not giving you the blurb yet. I’d like your unbiased opinion based on cover and title only.

More options

Make your voice heard by selecting your favorite choice below.

3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Title…And Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

  1. Painting with Wine sounds fascinating and poetic. I don’t know if this matches the book’s contents but I love the title !

    1. It’s a great title. And it does match the story. We’ll just have to see which one wins!

  2. Lost track ofo you after you left Bandit’s place. Thanks for stopping by my place with kind words. It’s good to hear from you. I love the new digs. I offered my opinion for the title, so I hope you don’t mind.
    Happy Holidays and best of luck always. Cheers!

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