Interview with My Editor

A couple weeks ago, I sat down with my editor, Faith Williams, for an interview. Here is a snippet…

"Check" Out Rick
“Check” Out Rick

Faith: [In your writing,] do you find yourself pulling details from “real life” or does your imagination rule the roost?

Rick: Well, the truth is a little of both. But that’s too easy of an answer. I was telling my best friend the other night about the thrill I had when, as a kid, reading a Hardy Boys book the author mentioned landing at Logan International Airport. You see, I grew up outside of Boston. When I read that, I remember running to my father. “Dad! Dad! Did you know the Hardy Boys flew into Logan?” It just instantly made everything so real for me. I love, love, love instilling and reading about actual places in fiction—the more facts, the better. Now, reading about Logan may not be all that exciting to you but as a ten-year-old boy recognizing, in print, a place he had actual been—well, that was just riveting. I love Robert B. Parker’s books for this reason. Plus he was—God rest his soul—just amazing with wit and dialogue. In pretty much all my writing, I intersperse specific details about Boston’s North Shore and New England.

For the full interview, check out Faith’s blog here.

Also, I’m about to announce the title of my next book as well as release dates.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with My Editor

  1. Patricia Grayson December 9, 2015 — 4:23 pm

    Enjoyed hearing about your favorite books and still marvel at how early you rise! I wonder if you lso enjoyed Stuart Little. I never had a problem with a mouse being born of human parents. It made sense then and still does!

    1. Rick Bettencourt December 9, 2015 — 6:27 pm

      I forgot about Stuart Little! Loved that too.

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