I Didn’t Say That! Did I? My No Holds Barred Interview with H.L. Wampler

If you haven’t read this interview yet, you may want to check it out. I sat down with H.L. Wampler for a candid discussion about NOT SURE BOYS. Here’s an excerpt from her asking me about about my experiences and any truth behind the fiction:

One line from Not Sure Boys that I did take from my life is in the first short, Wacky Packages, in which the protagonist’s mother tells him, “You’re supposed to like girls…not boys.” Someone close to me actually said this to me when I confessed to them, at the age of ten, that I, like the protagonist in Wacky, thought someone at school was handsome. They meant no harm by it and while it didn’t have as devastating of an impact on me as that of the character in Wacky, it did throw me into a stage of pretending, for a bit. Then I discovered Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler and all hell broke loose.

For more revealing tidbits, read the entire interview here.

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