Try Not Sure Boys – Free Offer Ends Midnight 11/9

You’re invited to spend an evening curled
up on the couch reading my book…for FREE!

Dear Smart Reader,

Today I am offering NOT SURE BOYS for no charge. So, if you have yet to get the chance to see why someone recently stated….

The handsome new Boston writer Rick Bettencourt jumps onto the platform of young brilliant writers with this short but exceptional book NOT SURE BOYS. If there are more stories such as these in his head or imagination then we are going to be noticing the rise of a writer in the ranks of Jamie O’Neill, K.M. Soehnlein, André Aciman, David Leavitt, Michael Cunningham, Edmund White, Alan Hollingsworth, Paul Russell, Jim Grimsley, Andrew Holleran to list some…

Then, now is a great time.  Click here to get now!

Rick Out in Salem


Rick Bettencourt

2 thoughts on “Try Not Sure Boys – Free Offer Ends Midnight 11/9

  1. kind if you, but I would prefer to buy it!

    1. Spo,
      You’re such a sweetie. I’d love to get your opinion when you do.


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