How Seeking an Agent Taught Me About Indie Publishing #amwriting

I’m halfway through editing a novel about Carolyn Sohier (pronounced “Sawyer”), the fictional character in my book Tim on Broadway.  I’ve always had a fascination with powerful female vocalists, and Carolyn is my idea of the perfect diva: humble, talented, and a fantastic performer.

If you’ve followed me for anytime you know I love Bette Midler, Janis Joplin, Barbra Streisand, Adele, and many others. I’ve used these real life individuals to help shape Sohier’s character.

The book is called Carolyn’s Turn. In it we find a talented  singer and actress on the brink of stardom, but she fouls things up with a devastating performance caught live on television.

The novel is set primarily in Salem, Massachusetts as well as the fictional island of Summerwind, Maine. If you read Tim on Broadway, you may recall these locations playing prominently in it. My new story takes place in the late nineties, long before Tim Benton tries to obtain tickets to Carolyn’s comeback concert a la contemporary times (in TOB).

Carolyn’s Turn (or Summerwind as I sometimes refer to it as), has been with me for years. I got the idea for it while driving through a deserted New England vacation town in the middle of winter. I imagined an enclave of artists who remained behind for the off season practicing their art and looking after old cottages. Carolyn Sohier emerged from that gang.

I finished the novel a few years ago, sent it to some agents (this was before Indie publishing on Amazon and elsewhere was popular) and got some encouraging feedback. It was suggested that I make some revisions, which I have and am now going through an additional draft.

Through agents, I learned about the importance a “platform,” as they call it in the publishing world. The term boils down to a built-in audience to market and sell your book(s) to. I am using Indie publishing, this blog, and social media to build my audience.

Anyway, as I write, rewrite, market, and connect with others, I’ve learned a few things along the way. I write this post to help share some of that with you. Perhaps you’re looking to publish your own book. If I could have helped you along the way, I’d be honored.



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1 thought on “How Seeking an Agent Taught Me About Indie Publishing #amwriting

  1. It seems writing a book has two major tasks to it: writing it and getting it out and about. Yikes what a task.

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