Watch Me Fall, Help Me Back Up

I’m probably my own worst enemy. Perhaps you feel the same way about yourself.

Lately, I’ve been beating myself up for not working hard enough…

Not writing enough…

Not promoting like I should.  (I hate slick marketing).

I figured…like the head of a good beer, great writing should rise to the top. Boy, was I wrong.

I recently read a book by, what some would call, a competitor—who has been climbing the charts like a guy after your promotion.

I decided to investigate her style. The writing was so bad I had to put the book down. She changed point of view (three times in one paragraph) more often than my heart palpitated.

There’s a place for omniscient narrative but this required a playlist.

Yet, she’s obviously got a following.

I thought, Rick, your simple style…your first person voice (well, sometimes)….your writing, it JUST SUCKS!

Then, it happened…

My publisher pinged me: “Good news!”

The Lambda Literary awards came out. And guess whose novel has been nominated?

Maybe there is a reason for me being compared to David Sedaris after all. (Insert big shot gesture of your liking here.)

Is my pessimism fading?

Not yet…

I get frustrated because, for less than a buck, you can get a story that I’ve spent hours and hours writing…days and weeks polishing…and another couple of months shining it more.

I know…I know. Get out the friggin’ violin.

Okay…I feel the negativity fading. I think I feel you helping me up.

If you’re interested in giving me a hand, you could do so (for only 99 cents) by getting a copy of my latest story One Nightstand. Even better, write a review of it. Or, if Christmas isn’t your thing, surely comedy is…buy Tim on Broadway.

Okay, done. Commercial over.

Next up, did you hear Bette’s new version of Waterfall? Isn’t it amazing?

3 thoughts on “Watch Me Fall, Help Me Back Up

  1. Oh, bless you. You’re still awesome (even if you use the wrong ‘your’…a few times…a lot. :p). Chin up, chuck. You’re doing OK. Just keep swimming. ❤

    1. Oh, boy. Thank God for editors.

  2. Congratulations on the nomination!

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