Jamie Here Livin’ on the Not Sure

I have a special guest for you. I recently sat down with Jamie. He’s one of the central characters in my book, Not Sure Boys.  Jamie, as you may recall, is a fisherman born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. So, let’s get to it:

Rick: Hi, Jamie. Thank you for joining us today and for allowing me to interview you on my blog.

Jamie: Glad to be here.

Rick: Okay, um…so, what’s your favorite color. (grin)

Jamie: My favorite color? Blue. Why?

Rick: I don’t know just asking, trying to get the conversation started.

Jamie: I see. Well, I don’t think that’s a very good conversation starter. Is that how you met your husband, coming onto him with a silly question like that?

Rick: I thought I was interviewing you.

Jamie: Yeah. Then interview!

Rick: Alright then, tell us about your first sexual experience.

Jamie: Shit. I shouldn’t have said anything. Can we go back to color swatches?

Rick:  No. Tell us.

Jamie: My first sexual experience? With a girl?

Rick: If that be the case.

Jamie: Well, I’m kinda private. I don’t like telling all the details about my life, unlike what you’ve done to me in your book. (Clears throat) But, here goes. Sheila and I were out with her father on his boat.

Rick: You did it on her father’s boat? With him there?

Jamie: Wait a minute! Let me finish! You’re not a very good interviewer are ya?

Rick: Hey, watch it. Or I may just write some more overly revealing stuff about you.

Jamie: Okay, okay. Back to my first sexual experience. Let me describe it. It was, I don’t know, the summer of ‘82 or ‘83. We was way out on the water, anchored and fishing for flounder. I caught a couple but Jim, her dad, decided he wanted to get us some lobsters. So, next thing you knew he went down into the hull and brought out his scuba diving equipment. You see he was a pretty good diver. He liked to steal lobsters outta people’s traps. He was a real character, always a Schlitz in one hand and a Camel in the other. You should write about him.

Rick: Maybe I will.

Jamie: So anyway, he jumps in the water. And Sheila and I had the boat to ourselves. It didn’t take me long. One thing lead another and the next thing you know I…I was done.

Rick: That’s it?

Jamie: Well, yeah.

Rick: But, you left out all the details.

Jamie: Well, it…there aren’t a lot of details to give! It was a quick, one shot deal.  Then, we did it again seeing that he was taken awhile.

Rick: You did it twice while he was stealing lobster’s from the traps?

Jamie: (Laughs) I was young!

Rick: Okay, so that was your first heterosexual experience. What about with a guy?

Jamie: You mean other than myself?

Rick: (Laughs)  Yes, other than yourself.

Jamie: I think you got that covered.

Rick: What do you mean?

Jamie: In Not Sure Boys, if I recall correctly, you got my first time with Robby down pat.

Rick: So, being with Robby was your first gay experience?

Jamie: (Blushing) C’mon now. Don’t you have other stories to write? I’m embarrassed enough about the details you already gave in your book.

Rick: Alright, Jamie. I’ll let you be. Any last words for your fans? You’ve got quite a lot of people who find you quite appealing.

Jamie: You’re making me blush again. Okay, one last word. How Rick wrote about my life…it’s a pretty accurate depiction of my life. I like that word, depiction. Impressive, huh?

Rick: You use it well.

Jamie: I don’t want to say too much and spoil the ending for some of you who haven’t read it. But, I will say I am very happy living on the North Shore. It has been a rich and rewarding experience for me.

Rick: Nicely said. Thank you, Jamie.

Jamie: Thank you, Rick.

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