Pulling in Five-Star Reviews and More…

Thank you for checking in on my blog!

I’m happy to say that Not Sure Boys has pulled in some decent five-star reviews! And this is all without any marketing efforts…yet. I’m so grateful to you for your support! As this is my first venture into publishing it’s been a learn-as-you-go endeavor.

The other day, I was booked on the first stop of an upcoming virtual blog tour. More on that to come. Plus, I’m cooking up some plans around National Coming Out Day (October 11th).

Some have asked what my thoughts are for publishing Not Sure Boys elsewhere. Right now, as you may know, it’s exclusive through Amazon as an eBook. Once the exclusive ends, in the fall, I’ll assess other avenues, perhaps even print. But remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read it.

In the meantime, I’m a busy writing other tantalizing gay fiction. And you can stay up to date via my Facebook page or Twitter account.

6 thoughts on “Pulling in Five-Star Reviews and More…

  1. Can you read the Kindle version on a Nook? Or a PC?

    1. You would need to read on a PC. Or you can read on your SmartPhone. Check out this page for the apps/downloads needed: https://rickbettencourt.wordpress.com/not-sure-boys/

  2. Congratulations Rick! Great to see you chasing a dream and making it happen!

  3. So here you are! I wasn’t sure where you were and here it is!

    1. Rick Bettencourt October 8, 2013 — 6:09 am

      Here I am!

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