Hirschi (@Hans_Hirschi) An Unconventional Approach to #LGBT #Fiction (#asmsg #kindle)

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some wonderful authors. Hans M. Hirschi the author of the new novel The Opera House is no exception.


I appreciate Hirchi’s unconventional approach to gay fiction. This book is not “all hearts and flowers,” as one reviewer on Amazon put it. This story is gritty and deals with serious situations: the death of a child, homelessness, and LGBT youth on the streets, to name a few. The elements of this book are done in such a caring way that you just want to reach out and hug everyone.

You can often learn a lot about an author by the details they include in their stories. Children are a big part of Hans’ life and The Opera House is a reflection of the author’s caring soul that bleeds through every page. Hirschi must be one awesome dad!

At the time of this article, The Opera House is available for free. I’m not sure how long that’ll last. Hirschi has been deemed the “queen of unconventional happy endings.” If you’re looking for such, you may want to check it out.

You can also learn more about Hans Hirschi at his website www.hirschi.se.

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