Manifest More Money

Here’s a tip on how to create more money in your life courtesy of Steve Pavlina.

  1. Establish the right vibe. Come from a place of playfulness, curiosity, or experimentation. Don’t come at it from a place of hope, clinginess, seriousness, neediness, or greed.
  2. Know that the money is already there. Cash and opportunities are right in front of your face. To see them, you need to shift your vibe.
  3. When you get frustrated, pause and go back to your desire for the money–your vibe and passion. Don’t act from a place of frustration. When you’re excited or passionate then take action.

You must remember, money is not a power source. It doesn’t have power over you. Money just sits there. You are 100% dominant over money; it is 100% submissive to you.

When you feel bad about your financial predicament, use it as a trigger to focus on your desires and reestablish the vibe in step 1.

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