The Secret To Getting What You Want

“You don’t create what you want, but what you are.”
– Wayne Dyer


Most of my life I’ve been obsessed with the psychology of transformation: how people can go from destitute to millionaire…or from three-hundred pounds to being a health coach.

The quote at the top of this email inspired me to share something with you.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced a wonderful life. But, it wasn’t so easy.

I used to believe that if you wanted something bad enough, you could get it by working hard and being focused.

I was wrong.

There’s more to it.

Much more.

The secret is in Wayne Dyer’s wisdom above, and can be gleaned from the phrase “money goes to money.” The reason this saying is bandied about so often is that it’s true! But, you can profit too.

[Photo credit: Lendingmemo]
[Photo credit: Lendingmemo]
The rich become richer. You become what you are. Negatively, if you’re fat, you’re going to attract more “fatness” into your life.

The hundred-thousand dollar question is, how does one stop attracting the junk they don’t want and start bringing in the good?

Answer: Be what you want.

It’s more than thinking yourself rich, for instance. You can think yourself a millionaire till the end of time. Real change starts with a thought, grows into a feeling…a knowing…and ultimately action.

How do you “be” something when you think—or even know—that you are not?

In my book Marketing Beef, Evan McCormick is stymied by an unsightly birthmark that covers his chest. It’s held him back from experiencing love: he’s fearful of being shirtless. How can he experience intimacy? Without giving away the ending, Evan learns to move past this by changing how who he is.

It starts with a thought and moves to a feeling.

Tim Benton is overweight and down on his luck. Yet he’s motivated to change. And he does so dramatically.

His intentions for a grander life build, compounding interest like Warren Buffet’s bank account.

If you want to experience something other than what you are, be your goal. You attract into your life what you think about and feel deep inside. You receive what you are.

If you know you’re in debt or nearing bankruptcy and you want prosperity, focus and live from the wealth—however meager it may seem—that you do have. There’s much to be grateful for.

Change your perspective, and your perspective will change.

I send you love, happiness, and everlasting wealth…

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  1. This was lovely and thoughtful post; thank you for sharing it.

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