Believe and Receive Like Tyler Perry’s Madea

I’m passing this message along in the hopes that it will influence a struggling actor, aspiring writer, burnt out office worker, or someone just looking to make it. That person could be you.

I’ll give you the answers first.

  • Plant your seed (your book, your acting skill etc.).
  • Believe.
  • Water that one seed. Focus on one thing.

You may know Tyler Perry as the creator of The Haves and the Have Nots or Madea. The reason he became so successful is summarized in this post. It’s simple. If you plant too many seeds, not only will you have to spend all your time nurturing them, you won’t have enough water for them all.

“Anything you want is possible.”
-Tyler Perry, actor/writer/producer

Plant one seed. Focus on it. Believe in it, and your connection to it. And water it.

That’s it.


On my Facebook page, you’ll find Tyler’s inspirational video message. (For some reason I couldn’t embed it here.)

Focusing on one thing is incredibly powerful. But, what if you don’t know what that seed is that you should plant. Well…


You already have the answers. Tap into them. Ask questions of yourself: why am I not where I think I should be? what am I doing wrong? Answer them honestly, and you’ll get to your answers.

Trust and believe you have the solution.

Wishing You Much Success,

Rick Bettencourt

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