Tim on Broadway: Episodes 1-3 Now Available


Bettencourt’s first novel, Tim on Broadway, is being released in weekly episodes throughout June and July of 2014. Once all five episodes are available, readers will be able to purchase the entire “season” in one volume. Tim on Broadway is a hilarious tale about Timothy Benton, an overweight gay man who is obsessed with theater about as much as he is with the bag boy at the grocery store, from which he got fired. One reviewer described it as, “a heart-warming tale, peppered with humour, with occasional moments of real emotional Bam!” Within the first week of its release, Tim on Broadway hit #1 on Amazon’s gay fiction short reads best-sellers list!

Get your copy today by clicking on the links below.

FREE (Episode 1) Amazon Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo |  Scribd PageFoundry

Purchase (Episode 2) Amazon Barnes & Noble | iTunes Kobo |  Scribd PageFoundry

Purchase (Episode 3) Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo |  Scribd | PageFoundry

About Rick Bettencourt

Author and speaker. Books include SUMMERWIND MAGICK, BUILDING US, TIM ON BROADWAY, and MARKETING BEEF. http://amzn.to/1JiMGtk
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