Never Kiss and More

What a week: Never Kiss came out on Monday. Yes! I had a deadline to meet for Thursday—now complete.  On top of that, I’ve been helping other writers by reading their submissions for the Don’t Read in the Closet (DRitC) event. And then after all that there’s life.

Never Kiss is a story about…

Tony—out of work from the Great Recession—films straight guys getting off and sells the footage on the Internet to make a living. One day, bothered by the clatter of a jackhammer outside, he goes to investigate and finds a Clark Kent lookalike digging a ditch in front of his complex. Superman needs a break, and Tony invites him in.

It’s been edited by Anne Regan and published through Dreamspinner Press in their Juicy Bits anthology. DSP is a leader in MM romance and I’m honored to be listed as one of their authors.

This week I also revealed the cover art for the DRitC event. My exclusive readers got to see it first. James, across the pond, did a lovely job. What do you think?

Marketing Beef - High Resolution

Marketing Beef is a romantic comedy about Evan—a quiet accountant working for an ad agency—who on the anniversary of the split up from his ex decides it’s time to make a change. The local beef company’s racy ads—plastered all over New England—hit a little too close to home for him. Can the firm’s hot, new writer bring Evan out of his shell?

I got some excellent feedback on this novella from a great group of beta readers. I owe it to them for helping me make it solid.

Over and out on this one!



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