Mailing List and Other Tidbits

The other day I sent out my newsletter. In between writing projects, I’ve been trying to build my “platform,” as they call it in the writing world, which is just a solid list of people who want to hear from me, in a private email, about my writing.

In my exclusive newsletter, I share with you more information than I do on this blog. For instance, personal tidbits, updates on projects I’m working on and free stories. I actually have a lot of fun writing it.


Some people confuse subscribing to this blog as “being on the list.” Not so.

If you didn’t get an email from me with pictures from my dolphin tour or of Bandit nursing his torn ligament (the poor baby) then you’re not on my list. You can get on it by adding your email here or clicking the Become Rick’s Fan button on the upper-right of this page.


Over the next couple of months I’ll be working on a story I was awarded as part of the Don’t Read in the Closet 2014 writing event. Email subscribes will get first dibs on its progress. I’ll be writing a piece based off a really funny photo submitted by one of the group’s members. I don’t want to share too much yet. But I’m excited about it.


To welcome in daylight savings and the new spring to come, I’m offering the following:

Consider this my little pre-spring gift to you.

If you’ve read either book, I ask that you please write a review on This is one of the most powerful ways indie pub books can get exposure. You can write a review for Not Sure Boys by clicking here. And you can write a review for Painting with Wine by clicking here.  Once on the book’s page, you just scroll down to the Write a customer review button.

Write a customer review

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