Communicating into Your Future

When I was a kid, the year 2000 seemed so far. I remember my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. McNiff, having us calculate how old we would be in the year 2000. “Fifty-four,” I said. But I was in a class with kids all the same age and somehow they all wound up being much younger in the year 2000.

Math wasn’t my strong suit. I felt like an idiot.

“Now Peter is only going to be thirty-four,” Mrs. McNiff said. “How can he be twenty years younger?”

I looked over at Peter. He was popular and good looking but he didn’t look that much better than me.

I looked at the pencil scratches on my math paper and recalculated my age. “Oh, yeah,” I said. “I think I’ll be thirty-four too.”

“You think?” Mrs. McNiff asked.

“I know.”

Now it’s 2014 (in case you didn’t notice) and I don’t worry about doing the math wrong. (I’ve gotten much better at it. Two and two is five, right?) And 2000 came and went. My thirty-fourth birthday was nothing special.

Today, the future seems to hold more promise than it did at the Welch School in Peabody, Massachusetts in the 70s. For one, I’m not even fifty-four yet. Had I been right, in the sixth grade, I would have cut two decades from my life.

Shakti Gawain says it best…

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart truly desires must come to you.”

I didn’t know about the power of thought when I was in the sixth grade, struggling with math and thinking I was the fattest and ugliest thing since Fat Albert went off the air.

As 2014 goes forward, I will be communicate more here, via email. I find it more personal. This isn’t a ploy to get you to sign up for my newsletter. It’s just more efficient for me. I need to focus on my stories, not maintaining a blog, updating Facebook profiles and Tweeting my favorite breakfast cereal every five days. Granted these things are part of the social media world in which we live. And I won’t be giving them up. They have their place and time. But I find it more effective to communicate with those individuals who I know want my communications.

If you want my communications, you can sign up for my email newsletter. It doesn’t cost anything. I don’t want to sound all markety (OK I made that word up. I can. I’m a writer.) But honestly, it is free. And I respect the privacy of your inbox. I too hate waking up to three hundred messages about what I should do and when I should do it.

This is my first post of the year, so happy 2014. May the year bring you riches beyond compare and may you find joy, health and happiness right there in your own backyard.


Rick Bettencourt

2 thoughts on “Communicating into Your Future

  1. I very much enjoyed your first post; I hope there will be many more to come !

    1. Rick Bettencourt January 4, 2014 — 11:56 pm

      And you didn’t like any others? : (
      They’ll be more to come, no worries!

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