Painting with Wine – Available Now!

Have you ever thought of getting back with your ex? Why do we do things we know are not good for us? In Painting with Wine you’ll meet two men who just can’t live without each other.

Painting with Wine - High Resolution

Despite the intensity of their love, Jon’s and Richard’s relationship was a volatile one, so much so that domestic violence and other criminal behavior sent Richard to jail.

When Jon finds out his former husband has escaped from prison, the quiet life he’s since created in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts—with his new boyfriend and daughter—shatters.

With Richard behind bars for the past five years Jon thought he had moved on. But has he? With Richard back Jon loses control. A darker side emerges and Jon finds himself, once again, addicted to the fatal drug—his ex.

For Richard, working out and warding off the advances of gay prison sex haven’t done much for his mental instability. Will Jon suffer the consequences of Richard’s downfall?

Painting with Wine is a gay-thriller romance set in the cold, dark winter of New England. Let the intensity of this story warm you. It’s a love story gone wrong—and a discovery gone right.

You’ll be shocked by the conclusion.

Painting with Wine is a story about coming to grips with one’s past and doing what is best. It’s a tender yet bold tale of two men and their passion for life, love, and art.

Click here to purchase now. You’ll get a great read. Guaranteed! In fact, if it’s not for you send me an email and I will personally refund your money.

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