Attending a Salem Witch Trial

Last night we attended Cry Innocent, which is a short play reenacting the trial of Bridget Bishop, who was found guilty of witchcraft in 1692. The play was held in the Old Town Hall, a beautiful building ornate with period details.

Salem 1692

It was fun being back in Salem. Now that we’ve moved, I see Salem in a different light. I don’t remember it being as hectic. Walking through the streets, it felt like I was in Disney World fighting my way to the next attraction.

Bridget Bishop Stands Trial

Also, no longer living amid Salem’s happenings, we had to find parking, which was an event all into itself. Living in the capital of Halloween use to have its perks — prime parking being one of them.

Like Bridget, I’ve been found guilty — guilty of a need for change.

And soon we’ll be embarking on a new adventure.

2 thoughts on “Attending a Salem Witch Trial

  1. My NE ancestors would be amazed to think what Salem is today.

    1. I’m amazed at the changes just over the last ten years.

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