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Bette Midler Plays the Hero in Tim on Broadway and a New Metaphysical Fantasy #amwriting (@BetteMidler)

It’s Carolyn again. You know, the singer from Tim on Broadway. Yes, I’m still taking over Rick’s blog. As you know Rick Bettencourt is penning the beginnings of my story in his work in progress Carolyn’s Turn—aptly named. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Salem Witchcraft, Magic, and Massachusetts in this New Novel #amwriting #wip

My name is Carolyn Sohier. You may remember me as the singer and actress—or diva as some call me—in Rick Bettencourt’s novel Tim on Broadway.  Well, I’m taking over Rick’s blog this week to tell you about his work in … Continue reading

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Writing Fiction to Build and Inspire Fans (@PageToPixels) #amwriting #asmsg

A couple weeks back, I was honored in being asked to write an article for the UK-based company PageToPixels—an organization with the aim of celebrating creativity through various artistic mediums. My objective was to write a piece that would help … Continue reading

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Creating Hyper-Wealth #creativevisualization #wealth

Creating lots of money is a lot like being a magnet. Don’t be put off by the sales pitch video here. There’s quite a bit to learn. I’ve been practicing shit like this for years. It works. Check it out … Continue reading

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Don’t Ruin Your Readers with Too Many Points of View #AmWriting #asmsg

I wanted to take a moment to express my opinion about point of view (POV) in novel writing. I see many beginning authors make the mistake of head hopping way too much. I prefer to limit POV to one, two, … Continue reading

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