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3 Ways Accused Witches of Salem are Still Alive Today — 8 Comments

  1. All very interesting. I’ve been intrigued with the history of the witch trials since my youth so Salem is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope to achieve that some day. Thanks for the interesting article and the pictures. Yes, the Merchant does look stunning. 🙂

  2. I think it’s important to remember that there is no evidence that the “Witches” of Salem were practicing witchcraft and no connection between the victims of 1692 and today’s very entrepreneurial Salem witches…other than place, of course! I do so appreciate your comments on the Merchant, as my husband was the architect for the restoration.

    • Donna,

      Thanks for replying. Your point is a good one. However, I think there is a connection between those accused and the modern day witches (not specifically those out for financial gain). The legacy of our past hangs (no pun intended) over the city in a very palpable way and creates a sense of apology for our wrongdoing and thus an invitation to those who really do practice the religion.

      John does amazing work. Thank him for me. I linked to his company site in the article. He might not remember me, but we sat on the Bride Street Neck Renovation board together. I was impressed that he could find good bones underneath bad remodels. He’s a great resource for Salem.



  3. Oh but I do like a good ghost story. A good one should give one the creeps; often they don’t have a ghost in them but only the suggestion of one.

    • You’re right about just the suggestion of one. I think that’s why JAWS, my favorite movie, was so scary. They couldn’t get the mechanical shark working half the time so just shot scenes with the idea of it below, which made for greater tension.

      Thanks for commenting, Spo!

  4. ergot is an hallucinatary plant that grew among the wheat plants thus when making bread and ergot it made you hallucinate and thats when you were accused of being a witch

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