A bully’s been tormenting her for years. A witch is the medium. An actress the victim. After Carolyn wrecks her singing career, she and her best friend Michael set out to New England for a spellbinding adventure—a complex brew of suspense, drama, and the supernatural spiced with a dose of humor and fun.




To save their failing business, Evan and Dillon cast their dog in a Hollywood production being filmed in New England. Their commitment to each other is tested when the lead actor—a former teen idol—and a lumberjack threaten the couple’s marriage. Will a show business lifestyle suit the small-town pair?




When Paul, a religious man who spent most of his life suppressing his homosexuality, dies he is greeted at the Pearly Gates by someone unexpected. According to Paul, his first love—a gay man who died from complications due to HIV/AIDS—shouldn’t be allowed in Heaven.






Tim loves divas almost as much as he does the bag boy at the grocery store. See why Tim on Broadway was nominated for a 2014 Lambda Literary award and is an Amazon bestseller.

Get this standalone novel now.

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Marketing Beef - High Resolution

Painfully shy accountant, Evan McCormick, is conservative with his money and tough on his body, yet the decent nest egg he’s amassed, and the toned physique he’s formed isn’t enough to fulfill him. Evan’s starving for affection. As an introvert, bonding with others isn’t Evan’s best quality. When Dillon—an impeccably dressed and debonair ad executive—joins the firm, Evan lets his guard down. An office scandal and sexually-overt billboards popping up all over New England bring the two together in this funny yet romantic tale.

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Not Sure Boys - High Resolution Not Sure Boys features three shorts that read as individual narratives or as one story.

There’s plenty to laugh about with these characters, but their stories also prove genuine and touching as the characters try to make their way in a confusing world. Whether you’re gay or straight, you’ll find something to relate to.


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Painting with Wine - High ResolutionPainting with Wine is a gay-thriller romance set in the cold, dark winter of New England. Let the intensity of this story warm you. It’s a love story gone wrong—and a discovery gone right.

Have you ever thought about getting back with your ex?


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The Books — 7 Comments

  1. Mr. Bettencourt:
    l just finneshed reading Marketing Beef and really enjoyed the characters and the story.
    I have found that some gay stories are written by women and don’t know about gay men’s relationships or lifestyles. I am so glad to have come across your book. You really paint a Picture that is believing. Just wanted to say very well done.

    • David,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed Marketing Beef. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you take a look at some of my other books.


      Rick Bettencourt

  2. Just finished Marketing Beef, what an amazing story. I to have birthmarks so I was glad to see this and I loved the bonds in this. I really hope you write more of this story,

    • Vicki,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you found it “amazing.” I’m honored. You’ll be happy to know, I’m planning a follow-up to Evan and Dillon’s story. I’ll keep you posted on the mailing list. (I think I saw your name come across that you joined.)



  3. Just finished Tim on Broadway. I heart Tim. Seriously. Watching him grow and gain confidence was a joyful experience. I never write to authors, but I really needed to thank you.

  4. I just finished reading Marketing Beef, and I really enjoyed it. I would like to read Building Us but I don’t read Amazon/Kindle books. Hopefully, it will be on Smashwords or Google Play soon so I can purchase it.

  5. I really enjoyed reading Marketing Beef. I would like to read the follow-up story, Building Us, but it is only sold on Amazon and I don’t read Amazon / Kindle books. Hopefully, it will become available on either side words or Google play so I can purchase it.

    Thank you.
    Sharina S

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