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Biological Evolution of LGBT: A Case for Homosexuality — 3 Comments

  1. Without making any statements that reflect my own views (purely playing ‘devil’s advocate’), it ought to be possible to use the continued prevalence of homosexuality in any species as evidence that purely biological models of evolution are wrong (or, at least, limited). Throw THAT at the Bible thumpers: Darwin was wrong, because the existence of gays proves the existence of God…

  2. so it seems that females who carry the gay trait tend to have more offspring, is this to compensate for the lower reproductive rate of gays or does the gay gene actually make female reproduction stronger? what do the mean by stronger, do they have/produce more eggs? does this trait persist in gay males and straight male carriers of the gay gene? meaning do they produce more sperm or are the sper in some way more powerful? coming from a 17 old straight guy with a rudimentary understanding of genetics, no religious preference or bias, and a bias against gays as in i just think its creepy and wouldn’t engage in it myself. our current strongest theory of how we got here being evolution dictates that genes that help a species survive, or benefits the species in some way, tends to stay in the bloodline, but what advantage to survival of an individual or the species as a whole does being gay lesbian or trans provide????? if the gene exists to make reproduction more plentiful then why does it create someone with no interest in reproduction? it this some side affect of a gene that hasnt fully developed and integrated into the human genome? and also it doesnt really seem like humans need a helping hand in reproducing, so why would a gene like this even develop in the first place ( this is with the assumption that the gay gene makes reproduction stronger theory is correct if even partially) Id love to see the scientific community to find some answers. I feel it would definitely help mend the rift between gays and straights that is oh so very prevalent today. constructive criticism of my thoughts welcome. let me know if ive understood something incorrectly.

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