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7 Delicious Day Trips from Boston You’ve Never Heard Of — 19 Comments

  1. Rick, I used to go to George’s island with my Dad. I was a Tug Boat Captains daughter and I remember my Dad waking me up at 2 AM and saying that I was going to work with him. Then after he brought in to dock a oil tanker we would go to the island to walk around. It is a fascinating place.

  2. Rick, in the north end you need to try Umberto’s pizza, Ralph only has a few items and they only stay open till all is sold. Ralph one of the owners is a wonderful. his pizza is exceptional and my husband worked next door at the bank and swears by his calzone and arincini.

  3. Rick, I’m from Everett originally, lived in Salem for years, and now live in the Midwest.
    Just got back from a visit back home and was reminded that the best steak tips you’ll ever eat in you life are at Floramo’s in Chelsea.
    (Another thing you can’t get outside of the Boston area is a Steak and Cheese sub. )

  4. The NewBridge Cafe on the Chelsea Revere line gets my vote for best steak tips and for lamb tips, steak tips, pizza and character the original Santarpio’s in East Boston by the tunnel is awesome.
    RIP Hilltop Steak House, the glory days of 28, 62, 74, 35 Kansas City were an unforgettable pleasure.

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