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7 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life and Live It — 2 Comments

  1. Such good advice there, Rick. My only comment is further advice from my own experience. It is so important not to make heavy weather of things, When I was younger I studied all sorts of teachings and ideas from others but, in the end, I found that the answers were within me. I found I had to be aware of what opportunities and choices Life itself was bringing my way and then have the courage and faith to embrace them.
    Sometimes, all the seeking and trying just had the opposite effect. I became very confused as people suggested this, that and the other. There is a scripture that is attributed to Jesus …. he says: ‘My yoke is easy and My burden is light’…..that could be applied to Life itself speaking within us. ‘Let go and let God’ we used to say. Well, I say now….’Let Go and let Life’! Let the inner creative forces lead and guide…..they will never fail us. Trust the Life which knows the way. In modern parlance….Go with the flow!
    While we are busy with charts and planning and plotting we are in danger of missing our path. It is better to relax into the flow of our lives and believe that the creative force within will present us with what we need and then act.
    Important to enjoy yourSELF … Your SELF … God … The creative power of the Universe does indeed lie within each one of us, for we are God, the creator. We are constantly creating. Energy follows thought is an esoteric maxim. We think of hundreds of things daily ….. It is when we ‘entertain’ a thought that we can land in deep water.
    When we ‘entertain’ friends to coffee, lunch or whatever, we make them comfortable, do all we can to be a good host, constantly in attendance looking to their needs. Entertaining a thought is like that, different from just thinking something. If I entertain a thought, dwell on it, cogitate, think on it constantly, it invariably becomes manifest sooner or later. Energy follows it and gives it substance.So, we have to watch what we think about and what we desire. Only ‘entertain’ positive thoughts so that positive and beneficial things happen.
    Someone said: The secret is not to strive to learn more and more things but to UNLEARN … to unlearn all the stuff we are indoctrinated with … and get to the bedrock of our own reality by yielding to the flow of Life. Touching our essence daily and abiding in its power to guide us and open the doors to our destiny. I guess it is the secret of living at the Centre of the Wheel, at that point of rest and surrender, instead of whirling round at the circumference in the miasma and changes of existence.
    So, Rick, what I am trying to say is that we should have fun, joy, and levity (in its true sense of course) … Be lighthearted, unburdened and allow our God nature to guide us. I know it has guided me all my life and still does. Most of what I have done has come to me totally unbidden…..it has flowed towards me and I have embraced it. Coming into contact with you is one example….beautiful….easy….all there within waiting to flow out…..what a wonderful prospect…. There is still more to come…..!
    I just love what you do on your blog, on facebook etc. There is a lovely breath of the spirit in it all. I can feel it and I am sure many others can also. Both you and Christopher have a pronounced aura of love and warmth. You are so blessed to have found each other. May you have many more years of happiness together.
    Love and big hugs to you both, and Bandit, of course. Glad his heart is okay but hope other problems are not giving too much trouble.

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