Homemm romance5 Most Influential Publishers of Gay Romance Novels (#MMRomance)


5 Most Influential Publishers of Gay Romance Novels (#MMRomance) — 5 Comments

  1. As a writer, I appreciate the expertise and the backing that comes with a publisher. I also feel a publisher is going to help put out a better quality book. As a reader, I prefer a published book. Whether it’s fair to say or not, I feel a published author had to undergo though a more rigorous screening process to get into print. That is not to say a self published author can’t do a lot of work and go through their own robust process–but there is certainly no guarantee of quality.

  2. As a reader, I like Dreamspinner and other publishers but when I find a writer I really love, I instantly wish they self published because of the time difference for the book release. I hate waiting months and months when I know a book has been submitted.

    • Good feedback. A publisher could add more time to the process, but even Indie authors have to wait in line for editors, cover artists, and proofreaders—at least the better ones anyway. Thanks for posting!

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